Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Alpha Smarting

On the last day of school I finished Alpha Smarting! Here is a picture of me with my certificate!
I was happy that I finished, but I was sad because school was ending and I had a nice, smart, and wonderful teacher. My teacher made me happy when she said, "Even though you are not my students anymore doesn't mean I am not your teacher. You can always come to me for help or guidance."

Here is a picture of the group hug. I got all these pictures from Mrs. Yollis' Classroom Blog.

Did you become sad when summer was coming?
What did your teacher do to make you miss him or her?
If you had an Alpha Smart did you finish yours?


  1. Dear Parsa,

    Congratulations on passing alpha smarting at last minute. Your fingers must be sore from all of that typing! Are they?

    When the bell rang to leave school for summer break I was sad and happy. I was happy because there is no more school, and I can swim, and play sports all day. I was sad because Mrs. Yollis is probably going to be my favorite teacher that I will ever have.

    Yes, I did finish alpha smarting. It was March 25, 2013. After I finished I was excited about typing stories. I typed The Missing Cookie which was about a magical cookie. Also I had tab filled with faces such as, happy faces, super happy faces, and many more.

    Did you expect to finish alpha smarting?


    1. Dear Collin,

      My hands did get a bit sore, but it all paid off. I was happy and sad too. I was happy because I could play and swim like you said, but I was sad because I knew I would've missed the best teacher I ever had. Yes, I did expect to finish Alpha Smarting because I had been doing it the whole entire day.

      What was your favorite part of the year with Mrs. Yollis?


  2. @ Parsa,

    Wow! I was quite impressed with your dedication and commitment! Many students might not have finished, but you persevered and showed everyone that when you put your mind to something, you can make it happen!

    You are an excellent blogger. I noticed you gave credit for the photos you borrowed, you hyperlinked back to our class blog, and you comment back to your readers in a thoughtful way. Well done, Parsa!

    Have you ever had to push yourself like you did with the AlphaSmarts? What was the outcome?

    Your proud former teacher,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

  3. Congratulations Parsa with finishing third grade and finishing alpha smarts. I am sure you learned a lot this year and have a lot to be proud of, including having your own blog. Keep up your good work. I hope you continue to post about your summer activities. What do you have planned?

    Take care,